Asking Someone Out

Let’s Go On a Date: Asking Someone Out

987People get online and fill out their dating profiles, because it’s a quicker and sort of safer way of dating. You feel like you have more control over the situation. You can just stop writing your messages or hang up the phone and that’s it. But there always comes a time, when you need to make a new step and ask your online date out.

This is where lots of people start intimidating and wait too long to take their online dating offline. If you do so, you risk losing that person you already like so much. Do not feed your illusions. Many people do not just write to person. They may have several potentials dates. Someone may leave you behind and your darling out on a first date; while you sit and wait je ne sais quoi. So, here are some good practical tips for you on asking someone out and arranging your first date.

Pick right timing

imagesDo not rush with it, but do not wait too long. Put yourself in her shoes. If you wait too long, she might feel like you take no interest in her. If you contact her right away and ask her out, she might think you approach each and every girl in that fashion. So, picking the right timing is crucial. Get to know her a bit through your emails; then get on the phone and make a call. Finally, ask her out.

Make her feel special

picIf your heart is really set on asking her out, you can do some things to boost your chances for success. If you can make her feel special, you are more likely to get a positive response. How do you do it online? First of all study her profile. Read all she has to say about herself. Then mention some things in your messages or phone conversations. Women love men who know how to listen to them and wish to get to know them.

Compliment her in your messages, but do not overdo it. Let not all your compliments focus on her looks or sexuality. She may start feeling like this is the only thing you need. Listen to her and reflect what she has to say. And, never ever compare her to others, even if you correspond with several women at a time.

Ask her out

789Pick the right place for your first date. You may not want to ask her out for a dinner. It might be a little too much. But asking her out for a cup of coffee might be too trite. Still you do not want to ask her out to any fancy place. It would be inappropriate in such a first date. After all you have never met her or him in person. So, what are some of the other options? If your date is fond of books or loves reading, you may ask her out to a book store café.

Read the profile carefully to find good hints. Of your date is a nature lover, you may find some open space or outdoors café for the first date. If they love certain cuisine, find a decent restaurant and move in that direction. Anyways, such approach would show your date how nice you are. In any case, keep these simple rules: make your first date short (about an hour or so), do not wear your very best outfit, meet in a public place (so you both would feel safe), pick the bill.

Make good first impression

FirstImpressionsAs a rule, when guys ask girls out, they do not spend even half the time girls spend on their make up, hair, dressing up, etc. Still, you do need to make a great first impression. You know, girls are after details. You may not pay any attention to that little spec on your shirt, but she would surely notice it. So, check up all your “details”, such as nails, hair in your ears, breath freshness, etc.

Fly the flag

do-dontsYou have messaged her and talked to her on the phone, now you need to able to keep up the conversation at the first date. There are two extreme things to avoid: do not talk the leg out of a cow and do not keep mum. You may do your homework and thing out some questions to ask. This would show your genuine interest in her. And it would help you to keep up the conversation. There are few things you should avoid on your first date. Do not talk of your ex; do not tell her your entire life story; do not interrupt her. Now, here are some does. Be funny and witty (women love that). Tell her some cute or funny stories. Talk about your hobbies or interests in life.

These practical hints would help you to come up with your unique first date idea and enjoy your first date to the fullest. Isn’t it what we all are looking for in dating and in life?

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