Boost your online dating

3 things to do if I get no response to my dating profile

Online world seems to offer unlimited dating opportunities. You get to meet people from other cities, states or even countries. Still, there are many people, who get online and expect this thing work for them perfectly. They feel they are attractive enough to interest other people and they set up their profiles expecting come and knock at their door. But after a while they get frustrated, because thing really happens.

If you are one of those people and you feel like online dating underperforms for you, here are three things to do to change this situation. Of course, this is not a magic elixir to fix all your problems, but these tips may work well and change your online dating course.

1. Pick the right site or fix your dating profile

fixPicking the right dating site is crucial for your online dating success. There tons of paid and free dating websites online. Not all of them work equally well. First of all, make sure your dating site matches your dating goals and expectations. Different people have different ideas about dating. Someone might be just looking for fun or sex; while other people are looking for lasting and meaningful relations.

There are many niche dating sites out there. Some of them bring together those, looking to get laid. Others unite those looking to get married. Make the right choice. Moreover, there are many sites for Christian dating, Asian dating, Gay dating, etc. Those sites can get you matched with the right people in your life.

Another dating issue is your profile. You may believe your profile looks great, but other people may have a different opinion on it. How do you fix your profile? First, ask few friends to review it and tell you what they think. They might spot the problem right away. Second, read all the tips you can find on putting together a great online profile to get more messages from potential dates.

2. Make the first step

StepNow, if you have done everything right with the first thing, we move on to the second one. You might be sitting there and waiting for other people to contact you, message or call you. Why don’t you get active instead? Even if your expectations are reasonable and you are a “dish”, still people may recognize it through your online profile.

So, get busy, launch searches and start writing to other people. Make the first step. Online world is pretty much different from the offline dating. It is dynamic. People send messages; get positive or negative responses and move on to making new acquaintances. So, it’s no good sitting there and waiting for someone special to write you and tell you about their eternal love. It’s a “you snooze, you lose” type of situation. If you wish to be successful in online dating, you need to get active.

3. Lower your standards

waititngIf being active does not help and does not improve your situation, then you may want to revise your dating standards. Maybe you have set them too high. You might have stated something in your online dating profile that makes people avoid contacting you; or, might have been too picky. Have you contacted other people and got no response or negative response from them?

It might be that you have written to all the nice looking and a bit out of your range people. Consider revising your “beauty standards”. You might start getting more positive responses from less handsome people or from people a bit older in age. There are many great and worthy people out there who do not fall under the Hollywood standards in looks. Still, they are good people and you may find your true love among them.

These three things can make a real difference in your online dating experience. They can help you to get more messages or more dates through dating websites. Take your time to actually put these tips to practice and enjoy the results.

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