Dating 2014

How to date in 2014

Of course dating is as old as this world is. People invent all kinds of things, but the main guidelines for dating remain the same. Still, there some things you can learn and apply in your 2014 dating to make it more satisfying and successful.

How to date in 2014: ladies’ guide

missDo you wish to start everything over and get a boost in your dating life? Are you in search of someone really special to become your match in life? Or, maybe you are just sick and tired of being the second-best for guys and want to move on and become the best of the best for them? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you need to do a homework.

Yes, be a good girl and do your homework! What does it mean? It means you have to sit down and analyze your dating and why things go the way they do. Here is one good example. Do guys treat you like some dating option? There can be several reasons for this. For one, you might let them treat you like that. You see YOURSELF as a dating option. Why should others see your different?

Or, maybe there are practical things you can do to change this situation. Maybe it’s something as simple as losing few pounds. Or, maybe you need to keep up your standards and position yourself as the top option. Or, maybe you need to be looking for an equal. This works in both directions. Some people under evaluate themselves. They underestimate themselves and draw unworthy and unequal matches to themselves.

On the other hand, some ladies overestimate themselves. This means they pick guys out of their level and range and increase their chances to be turned down. In this case, doing your homework would mean finding your true equals and lowering your standards a bit. This way you can avoid a lot of frustration and pain.

Another way to boost your dating in 2014 is to go online. If you have not tried online dating and various online dating websites, you can do it now. This is a great way to meet new people and to increase your ‘hunting’ zone, so to say.
Plus, you should learn to check down your emotions a bit.

Some people go online and fall in love with someone’s profile. Others tend to get too emotional on the first date. Do not forget that simple rule: if he does not show any initiative, he is just not that into you. Stop chasing guys and let them do the job. Stop falling in love or get too emotional on first few dates. If you can keep your emotions under control, you can keep your eyes open and turn down all the junk right away.

These new dating rules can help you live a happier life in 2014 and gain more control over your love life. In fact, it can make your love life more satisfying and less dramatic.

How to date in 2014: gentlemen’ guide

gentlemanAre you in a quest of finding the right girl for serious relations? Or do you just want to get laid more often? Do you wish to get more positive answers to your messages or get more ‘yes’ answers, when you ask women out? Then you may consider using some new rules in your 2014 dating.

One of the first things you can do is to get out of the pool. This means, you may not have great dating options in your closest social environment. But this does not mean you cannot find new options. One of the ways to do so is to get online. You can try online dating or find a new great online dating website and start it all over.

This way you get to meet new ladies and you get new dating environment to try out. Online dating is a great option for shy guys and for those who do not wish to waste their time. There are many dating sites, where you can get a fuller control over your love life. For instance, you may clearly state your dating goals. Some sites allow you creating several profiles. One can be used for finding fun dates or for meeting girls for short term relations. Another profile can be used to attract more serious dates, who wish to find more lasting and satisfying relations.

Another way to boost your love life is this: spend some time tuning yourself up. You know, girls ALWAYS pay attention to details. So, if a girl meets you once or twice and then says ‘no’, you may not handle those details properly. Attend to your looks; keep up your hygiene; never ever think she may not notice that little spec on your shirt or shoes. If you wish her to believe you are Mr. Perfect, be the one.

Another great way to boost your love life is to meet a girl and make her feel special. Isn’t that what all women are looking for? If she messages you, write her right back. Do not make any excuses why you have not done this or that. Women hate excuses. If you really like the woman, make her a priority in your life. Show her, how special she is, but do not try to tumble over oneself.

This means, you still need to show her you have a bone. She should not be able to wind you round her finger. Keep up your self-esteem and your dignity. This makes women respect men and value them. If she is a queen, then you are a king.
Prepare for the dates. Do not expect things to start rolling on their own accord. Do some planning. Think things over. Get some good questions or jokes ahead of time. All this can help you fly the flag and make great impressions on girls.

The best thing about dating is that we can actually do something to improve it! If your love life is on the drift, stop drifting and start rowing in the direction you want to go!

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