Short Dating Sites Reviews

Short Dating Sites Reviews

You can find dozens and even hundreds of paid or free dating sites on the Internet. How do you know, which ones to sign up with? One of the ways to find out is to read reviews on them. Here are 7 reviews on the best of the best dating websites. These short reviews can get you an idea of what those are like, which services they offer and you can learn some of their major pros and cons.


If numbers are important to you, then you should not miss on check out This matchmaking site claims to have the largest number of subscribers and, which is even more important, the largest number of matches made in one year. One of the good things about this site is that it has a pretty long history of operation.

The site is around since 1995. It has created a positive reputation for itself, which alone is worth a fortune. Presently this dating community claims to have over fifteen millions of registered subscribers from over two hundred countries.

Another great thing about this site is found in its search engine. It has created an easy way to find the right people from the right place to match your expectations. Plus, this site provides you with many practical online dating tips and advice.

Still, this place has few cons to deal with. One of them is very limited version of free membership. There is a huge gap between what free and paid members can do. A free membership does not allow you to write to paid members or even answer their messages to you. The only option there is to pay their fee. Plus, this site does not offer you any kind of instant communication system.

Are you single? Then might be what you are looking for. This dating site has created a special community for singles. It’s a multi-functional dating site. Here is what it means. There are many niche dating sites out there. Some of them are for those, who look for serious relations in life. Others bring together those looking for fun and sex. This dating site combines all these functions.

It allows you to create several profiles at the same time. But this has nothing to do with dating fraud. You can be looking for serious relations, but in the mean time you may want to meet someone to have fun with. What do you do? You create two different profiles and “market” them to different people. It’s an honest way to go about dating. You clearly state your purpose in your profile, so people would have right expectations concerning you.

Another great thing about this site is that you can see and sort users by their “active” profiles. You see, someone can create a profile on a dating site and never come back there. Or, maybe they already found their match in life. If you can see the latest profile updates or visits, you can be sure the user is still searching. This is a great way to avoid wasting your time in online dating. Of course, you have to pay a fee to enjoy all the benefits to the fullest.

This dating site has somewhat unusual approach to online dating. It has both free and paid membership options. Its main con is sort of combined with its main benefit. Once you start filling out your profile, it can really take you a long time to get through all those questions. They may seem endless, but these questions allow you to find your perfect match more easily. The system is automated. It screens all the old and new people’s profiles and send you new matches based on what you state in your profile.

This means does not work as some sort of dating social media. You cannot contact just anyone on this site. You can contact only those matches the system has found for you. Plus, the free membership does not allow you to see your potential matches’ photos. This feature is available only to paid members.

The good news is is free to use. It is a free dating website with no paid membership option. The registration and profile creation is quick and easy with this site. There are several search options available. You can launch an extended search option, but if you are eager to start, you can use their quick search option.

Plus, this web sites enables you to chat or message your potential dates through their instant communication system. This cuts down the time you spend on your online dating communication. Still, this site has few cons to deal with. For one, you cannot use racial background in your match search. This means you can contact or get contacted by people of different races, which may not be your dating option.

Untitled-4Plenty of Fish

This dating site combines free and paid membership options. The good thing is that the difference between the two is not that big. You can enjoy many great features even as a free website subscriber. It takes very little time to sign up with this website. And the sign up is hassle free. So, in a matter of minutes you can set up your profile and go.

Here are some of the features offered by this site: you can get online and check out, who has seen your profile of late. Plus, you can message people or send smiles easily. The site provides you with useful dating info and tips, as well as with some compatibility tests and programs.

Even though the membership is free, some of the features on this site cannot be used unless you pay for them.

This site is extremely available, It means you can find it on social media or easily load their site through your smartphone. The registration takes the matter of seconds. The sign up is free. This dating site is international. You can meet here people from all over the world. The search option is simple and easy to use. Plus, you get a chance to contact and chat with the possible dates easily through this system. The site is not rich in other dating features. It’s a basic and easy online dating option.

This dating site is not for those looking just for fun. It’s the site for people searching for serious relations in life. This is what singles out from other similar sites. One good thing about this site is that it does not take you forever to get registered with them. You do need to fill out a profile and answer few questions. The process can take you up to quarter of an hour to go through.

There are many personality and compatibility tests available on this dating site. It offers both free and paid membership options. The free one is mostly available to US residents. The site has extended search options. But sometimes you can quickly run out of your possible matches.

These quick reviews of the 7 online dating websites can help you to get an idea of what your options are. This way you can save time and pick the site you enjoy the most.

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