How to avoid dating scams

7 tips on avoiding online dating scam

Warning of ScamOnline dating offers people awesome opportunities to extend their love life and to meet that special person they’ve been looking for so long. However, as any coin online dating has the other side to it. That is the possibility to deal with dating scam or fraud. This scam is something that scares many people away from the idea of searching for their dates online. But there are things you can do to avoid being scammed in the course of your online dating. Here are the 7 tips that would help you stay safe and date online.

1. Know your risks

There are some areas of online dating where scam risks are higher than in other things. So, if you know the risks, you have high chances of avoiding them. For instance, international dating involves considerably higher risks than local online dating. Many people from USA or Europe report being scammed by persons from former USSR countries, such as Russia.

So, if you know the risks are high, you can stay on guard. Plus, if you have decided to go global in your online dating, you should make sure to pick the right dating agency or online dating site to work with. Some of the top and most reputable Russian dating sites value their reputation. They have developed strong anti scam policies and programs. So, stay informed and stay on guard in your online dating to discover any fakes.

2. Study people’s profiles

This is another useful tip. Never ever fall in love with a profile! After all it can be fake. Let your emotions go wild only after you meet your online date in person. Not a minute sooner. Read carefully through all the data provided on your online date profile. Take special notice of the language the person uses. Some people out there claim to be Americans, but in reality they come from another country and try to scam you.

Their broken language can give them out. The same is true about the education level. If a person states s/he spent few years in college, but they use bad grammar, it should alert you.

3. Look for consistency

If you have found someone online, who might be the one, you should take your time to screen their profile. It is true that there are millions of honest singles out there looking for love or fun. But there are also many fake dating profiles. Sometimes people who fill them out make mistakes and allow inconsistencies.

For example, they may not put together meaningful descriptions of their appearance or personality. They can make dumb mistakes in their profile texts or refuse to share their photos. All such things should alert you.

4. Do little search

There are many cases when scammers do not bother to write unique profile texts. They just copy these texts from other people’s profile or from free dating site tips. So, do little google search to see, if the texts are unique. This could give you a hint on the trueness and honesty of the person on the other end.

5. Scrutinize their photos

Study the pics carefully and see, if they match the description or history of where and when these shots were taken. There are cases, when you can eve spot a wedding ring on your potential date finger. So, take your time to study photos, texts and anything else you can find on that other person’s profile before you decide to take your dating offline.

6. Money

Most scams are about money. People come up with all kinds of stories to make you send them some money even before you two meet. Any money request should alarm you and suggest you are dealing with a scammer. Make a strict rule for yourself not to send any money to your online dates and follow it no matter what. This is the best anti scam insurance.

7. Sex

Some people get in touch with you or get on the phone with you and talk just too much sex. It’s not just a coincidence. Some of them record such conversations and start blackmail people. They threaten to pass these conversations to your friends or family, unless you pay them money. So, there is no good reason to talk too much sex on the phone with someone you have never seen.

There 7 tips can help you to stay out of trouble in your online dating. If you follow them, you can enjoy all the online dating benefits avoiding all types of scams.


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