How to create dating profile

5 things to do to create an awesome online dating profile

largeThe reason we talk so much about your online dating profile is simple: your profile is the make it or break it element of your online dating success. Once you have picked the right online dating site or sites, you need to take time and compile your profile. This is how you make your first impression on potential dates.

Since you would never get a chance to make your first impression for the second time, you need to do all you can to make it work from the first time. Keep in mind that people tend to develop certain specific behavioral patterns online. One of these patterns is spending very short time reviewing or reading something. This means, your profile has to be catchy and grab their attention in a matter of seconds. So, here we go. Learn these easy tips, follow them and pave your way to dating success.

1. Do your homework

hobbyDo not just open up your dating website and start filling out your profile. Do some planning and put together lists of things you want to get on your profile. This is your homework and it has to be done well. Here are few ideas for you. Make a list of things that describe you the best. Just write down short words that describe your positive qualities. Make a list of what you love the most. Make a list of things you can never put up with or your dislikes. These are important. They can help you to sort out improper matches.

Make a list of your hobbies or your statements in life. All these lists would serve you as a foundation for creating your dating profile. They may take you a while to do, but once you get through this process, profile creation become quick and easy. Keep in mind that you can use these lists for all your dating websites. They would certainly save you time in the long run.

2. Market yourself

market-yourselfYes, online dating is about marketing. You have to “sell” yourself to your potential dates and the competition is high. So, put together your dating marketing strategy. Your first priority is picking the right pics. Your photos are essential. It takes people only few seconds to evaluate your looks, and then they make up their minds. They either start reading your stuff or leave.

Still, if you are serious about finding the right person for dating or life, you should stay away from any kind of fraud. So, your photos need to be up to date. Do not post your shots made 10 years ago! Be honest. Still, do your best to present yourself. You may even want to make few professional shots to put on your dating profile.

Another marketing tip is to write come up with a great nickname and tag line. These things work well in selling good, they work well in dating, too. Your nick has to be catchy and unique. It has to express who you are. It may take you a while to find one, but the efforts would pay back well. The same it true about the tag line. Make it short, expressive and funny.

3. Be truefree-vector-truelove_025921_trvelove

Stay true to yourself and to other people. Of course, no one expects you to lay out all your faults and mistakes or downsides. The best way to go about filling out your profile is staying true to yourself. If you love and accept yourself for who you are, others would do the same.

4. Attend to details

Do not be too generic. Provide some details on your likes and dislikes, on your hobbies, on your religion and background. This would help you to draw right people and find meaningful relationships in life.

5. Run a field-test of your profile

Ask your friends to assess it. Allow them to criticize you a bit. They may see the faults you overlooked in your profile. This way you can get some opinions and tune up your profile the best you can.

These 5 tips can help you to create highly effective dating profile and to find your perfect match.

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