Second Date Idias

Surviving the Second Date

imageSince we are talking about the second date now, you have obviously asked someone out and survived the second first date. You may wonder: what can be so hard about the second date? It’s the first date that is so unsettling. You get so emotional about it; you meet someone you have never seen (if we talk about online dating); you feel the spark run between you two. It is so exciting. You set the second date and expect it to go as smoothly as possible. Still there are few challenges there to deal with and few useful ideas for you to learn to not only survive, but to enjoy your second date to the fullest.

Now, you top goal for the first date was to make your best first impression. Now, it’s in the past. You need to set a new goal for the second date. This date is about opening up a little more and letting another person know you better. And you also want to get a better idea of who they are.

So, it’s a talk, talk, talk date. This is where the first challenge may come in. Think things over before you go on a second day. Decide how much you are willing to share about yourself. Think out some good and proper question to ask of your date. This would help you to keep up your conversation and avoid these watery talks.

apPick the right approach to your second date. Make it different from the first date. If it was just a coffee shop meeting, pick a fancy restaurant for your second date. By picking a different environment you can get to know your date better. After all you are not so much in love yet. You want to wait and see, if this is the right person for you. If you can meet him or her in different places you get better chances of saving yourself time. You get to know them better and you can make your decision faster whether to invest your time and emotion into this person or not.
Second date is no reason to relax. You still have to fly the flag and aim to make your best impression. So, if you are a guy, be as nice and courteous as possible. If you are a girl spend as much time as you can afford in your date preps.

Think outside the box. You do not have to limit your second date to such locations as movie place or a restaurant. Of course, you two do want to get a bite. But why not think out a more creative place for you second date? You probably already have some ideas on what your date likes. You might have discussed his or her hobbies.

So, you may do something related to it. How about doing some testing of wine? How about taking a stroll in a park or riding bikes? Of course, you need to let your date know about your plans ahead of time. A girl in a fancy dress would hardly be glad of riding bikes! You may also do something related to your own hobbies or interests. If you love art, you may take your date to some art place to enjoy it with you.

Another second date rule is not to grumble about anything. Yes, we all want for things to go perfectly well. But things happen. Something may go wrong. Do not boil over things. Take it easy. Remember, your date is closely watching for your reactions. Your sense of humor is your best alley. If you can see something positive even in an unpleasant situation, it makes great impression on people.

Turn your cell phone off. Your second date is a great chance to make him or her feel special. You can hardly expect to do so, if your cell phone rings all the time and you answer it! Just turn it off and entirely dedicate yourself and give all your attention to your date.

No doubt you try to do everything perfectly on the second date. Even if you fail in something, it’s no good reason to beat yourself up and get frustrated. So, go easy on yourself and make allowances for your date, too. Now it’s time to decide whether you want to get deeper into these relationships or not. Cool off a bit and think thing over. If you are not sure, you may go on a third date or stop it right there.

Remember, the longer you date the harder it would be to break up. So, do not go boiled up with emotions after the second date. Take few days to cool off and go on with your life. Then make your decision.

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