Take your online dating offline

How and when to take your online dating offline

Online dating can be fun and exciting. You get to meet new people and make new acquaintances all the time. However, online dating makes no sense, if you cannot take your online date offline. At the first glance it might seem like an easy thing to do. But there are some challenges one may encounter during the process. So, let’s get some useful tips on how and when to take your online dating offline.

When do you take your online dating offline?

Get ready

0One good thing about online dating is that is saves you time. You get online and start chatting with someone. And you always stay in control of this new relationship until you take offline. It’s so easy to cut it off until you meet in person. So, one good thing to do to avoid wasting your time is making sure you really truly want to meet that person.

How do you do it? First, do not fall in love with profiles or messages. It’s so easy to fake personality online. So, stay alert and scrutinize your date’s profile. Do little homework on them. Are they consistent in what they state in their profile and in how they put together their messages? Read all you can find on their profile about that person. This can help you make up your mind and make the next step. Such attentiveness may help you to sort out undesirable contacts and spend your time on the prospective ones. If everything seems to be OK, move on with it.

Do not hesitate

Once you get enough interest for the person, offer him or her to call you or to get a call from you. You may also chat through Skype or other video chats. It’s a good way to move your online dating offline. And, it’s a great way to find out, if this other person is really interested in you. You can see it by their reaction. If they say no or try to postpone the conversation or meeting you, it might be the case you are just wasting your time on someone, who has no serious intention in dating.

There is no good reason to spend weeks corresponding online and never meet or chat. If this happens, you might be dealing with an online dating scammer or you might be just wasting your time. So, initiate the contact in just few weeks or even days, if you are really interested in that person and see what comes out of it. Again, do not fall in love with profiles. This way you can avoid being frustrated by their negative response.

How do you take your online dating offline?

Phone conversations

qqOnline video chats or phone conversation is the easiest way to move on with your online dating. This way you do not put too much strain on yourself and the other person. You get little extra time to get to know each other before you meet in person. And, it’s a safe way to move on with your online dating.

Make your first date public

Young happy couple having romantic date at restaurantStill, you should not be talking on the phone forever never arranging your first date. If you are positive about your desire to meet that person, ask them out. One of the key things to do is to take care of your personal safety. So, do not arrange your first meeting at someone’s home. Meet up in the public place. Online dating can play back tricks with people.

You have taken your time to write messages, you have talked on the phone and it may feel like you know each other forever. But you don’t. That other person is a stranger and s/he comes from a “strange” background. You see, when you date the old-fashioned way, you meet people from your area or from your social circle. Your friends or your co-workers may know that person and that serves as additional safety insurance to you.

But this person comes out of nowhere. You may not have any way of checking them out. So, it’s best to stay on your guard and not to rush it. Go out and have a cup of coffee; talk and get to know each other; take a stroll in a park. All of these are good ways to take your online dating offline. And, do not rush to provide too much of the personal information. It’s a good idea not to allow your new date to get you a lift or walk you to your home or apartment.

Ask some questions

Of course, you date is not an interrogation, but asking some questions may help you. So, take little time to figure out what you wish to know the most about your new date and go for it. If the other person is responsive you may share some of your information and satisfy their curiosity.

Make up your mind

Now, you have spent some time dating online; you have spent some time on the phone. Finally you meet and it’s a good time to make up your mind. Do you really like that person? Is there any reason for you to keep on spending time with them? If the answers are positive, offer to meet again.

These practical tips can help you to avoid getting stuck online. After all, you get online to live a happier and fuller life and to enrich your love life. So, make the next step in your online relations as soon as you feel ready for it.

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