Top online dating mistakes

Top online dating mistakes to avoid

Making mistakes is natural for people. We make them everywhere. But our mistakes in online dating have the potential to getting us frustrated. These mistakes can cost us great dates, but which is worse, they can cost us our self-confidence. We may start believing in our own worthlessness, because no one wants to write us or date us. This may not be true. You simply make mistakes, which make people repel people.

Once you learn the most commonly made online dating mistakes, you can detect them and get rid of them. So, let’s face them.

Using poor quality photos


It pretty much self-evident: people do not spend much time reading stuff online. They find something that catches their attention and only then start reading. So, you photo has to be an attention grabber! It has to be the best of the best of what you can offer. It does not really matter how much time you invest into writing out your profile. If you cannot upload some great photos, your dating profile is a failure. So, go for it. Maybe you need to do a professional shooting session. It can be worth it!

Common username or nick

If you have spent just five minutes on picking your dating username, I bet it’s no good. Your username is another attention grabber. It has to be catchy, cute and descriptive all at the same moment. So, take your time, get some tips and come up with a unique and eloquent nick or username for your online dating profile.

Read other people’s profiles

prof1If you find someone you’d like to write to or get a message from a person, go and take a look at their dating profile first. For one, they may not be worth wasting your time. Or, on the contrary, they may be of great interest to you. If you send out your first message, you’ve written in few minutes with even taking a look at their profile, you may ruin the whole thing. So, take your time and actually read through their profile.

Here is another trick for you: mention some information you have gotten out of their profile in your first message. This would give them an idea of interested you are and would show that you have heard what they had to say about themselves.

Be careful to fall in love

loveRomantic relationships are high in emotions. They can be heartbreaking indeed. So, you need to stay alert and not to allow your emotions go crazy over someone’s profile or photos. This is the sure way to frustration. If you feel like you have been turned down too many times or too disappointed about your online dating, check out your attitudes. Maybe you fall in love way too easily.

Do not get too obsessed with online dating

We all live in the real world. No amount of virtual dating can satisfy the longing of your heart or your body. You need to stay in control of your online dating. Set a time limit for your dating website handouts. Do not chat with too many people at the same time. Do not allow yourself to get too excited about the messages you are getting. It can unbalance your life. Always aim to take your online relations offline, if you get interested enough in the other person.

Get busy

getbusyOnline dating is pretty competitive. So, you have to tune up your dating profile and then get to work. Do not just sit at your PC and wait for other people to take action. Message people you like; initiate contacts; ask people out; get busy!

Know your level

champOnline dating can be frustrating if you set your expectations too high. If you get no answers or get turned down, you might be contacting wrong people. Maybe you pick only knockouts on your paid or free dating site. Maybe age is too big of an issue with you. Check down your expectations a bit you might see a rapid progress in your online dating.



All these mistakes can lead to frustration in online dating. Do not get too frustrated. Just fix them; do your homework and invest your time and thought into your online dating. It works for millions of people out there, why should not it work well for you?

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